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Shopkins Season 2 Fluffy Baby Special Edition

I have so many Shopkins; they are all over my house. However, I have to admit something to you. I’m not always that good at identifying them.  Gasp! That’s where I am grateful to my viewers for being able to tell me all their names. This video is a season 2 Shopkins Fluffy Baby Special Edition unboxing. How good are you at identifying the Shopkins? I’m always looking for a few Shopkins experts to comment and help me out.

Minions Microlight, Yowies and Shopkins

The Minions movie is coming out soon, and all things Minion are hotter than ever. I actually received a Minions Microlight to preview. There isn’t any information out on these lights yet, so I’m not sure if they are or will be in production anytime soon. You can see my full review in the video. Also, in the video are Yowie surprise chocolates and a Shopkins: In a Basket pack.

Shopkins Season 3 Get Them Before They Are Gone!

Coming June 2015

Shopkins Season -3 Get them before they are gone!

That’s right Shopkins Season 3 will be released early June 2015 and if you’re lucky you will be able to chase them down in many different Toy Stores and Shops across the USA. But then again you can barely find Shopkins Season 2 in any stores. Why is this?

Once you Shop you can’t stop? That’s how I feel. Trying to collect Season 2 has been such a chore but hey I put all the videos on my cool Youtube Channel https://www.youtube.com/user/steph91069 for everyone to enjoy.

Ok, So Identifying Shopkins Season 2 is highly interesting and addicting! But for Season 3 the Moose Toy Company who makes them has been sending them out to the Youtubers to promote before they are released. Some of the channels pretended like they found them at Toys R US. But the other channels showed they were gifts from the Moose Toy Company.

Overall I feel Like Learning Express is going to be the stores that will have the most of them. Toys R US in NJ says they only get 48 packages at a time. Good Grief……

Go on www.shopkinsworld.com to see all the fun shopkins…