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Fossil Dig Kit

If you remember the gold digging kit I reviewed a while back, then you’ll see the similarity of the Fossil Dig Kit to it. It is a brick-like mass that you need to scrape away at to reveal the hidden fossil. And like the gold mine kit, this will get messy. I recommend working with a tray or mat under you.  Check out the video below and see for yourself.

Digging For Gold Kit

Have you ever watched Bering Sea Gold or other gold prospecting shows on TV? I think there lies a treasure hunter in all of us. Well, at Learning Express you can get a gold bar kit the gives you the sensation of digging for treasure. Each kit comes with a scratch tool to begin the dig. Sorry, you aren’t digging for real gold, but to add to the excitement, you do get a scratch-off with the chance to win money. It takes a while to do and gets very messy. Still it’s a fun activity that would be great for a rainy day. Check the video to see what I dig up.