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Chocolate Toy-filled Yowies and Disney Key Chain Blind Bag

For those of you that love chocolate surprise eggs but are upset by the strict US regulations on them, this may be the answer you’ve been looking for. Currently, most toy-filled chocolates, including Kinder, qualify as a choking hazard. However, Cadbury came up with a solution when they designed Yowie chocolates. They feature a larger design and therefore aren’t considered a choking hazard. The release of them is still fairly limited, though I heard of select Walmarts starting to carry them. In the video I am opening two Yowies and a Disney key chain blind bag.

Minions Microlight, Yowies and Shopkins

The Minions movie is coming out soon, and all things Minion are hotter than ever. I actually received a Minions Microlight to preview. There isn’t any information out on these lights yet, so I’m not sure if they are or will be in production anytime soon. You can see my full review in the video. Also, in the video are Yowie surprise chocolates and a Shopkins: In a Basket pack.

Frozen Jelly Beans and Kinder Surprise Eggs

The movie Frozen was a huge blockbuster for Disney last year. It is such a success that Disney is now converting their Maelstrom ride in Epcot’s Norway into a Frozen-themed boat ride. That ride isn’t set to open for another year or two. Maybe it will open in time for the rumored second movie’s release. In the meantime, sit back and enjoy some Disney’s Frozen jelly beans and a Kinder Surprise Egg. Who can resist a chocolaty Kinder surprise?

Good Luck Troll Doll and Disney Blind Box

I remember the troll doll craze of the 90’s, but did you realize that troll dolls have been around since the fifties. That’s fifty years of people collecting these trolls for good luck. Your first bit of luck has to be finding these dolls, since they are difficult to track down in store. I found mine at a bookstore. That lucky troll must be true because I was able to correctly guess the contents of the Disney blind box. See for yourself and decide if the troll doll gave me luck to predict my blind box figure.

Disney Princess Splendor Egg and Mysterious Golden Egg

Plastic eggs aren’t just for Easter anymore. The surprise egg featured in the video is a Disney Princess Splendor coloring egg, and inside that is a special golden egg. Then inside that is… you guessed it another egg. This time it’s one of those elusive Kinder Surprise eggs. This video reminds me of those Russian nesting dolls. Check out the video for an egg-cellent adventure.