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My Little Pony Cell Phone, Cosmetic Set and Blind Bag

It’s time to call your favorite My Little Pony using the My Little Pony cell phone. It’s a flip phone (remember those) that rings and simulates calls to the ponies. After you’re done with your important call, you can do your makeup with the My Little Pony cosmetic set. The set comes with nail stickers which I personally like because you can give yourself an instant My Little Pony manicure. I imagine that if your covered the stickers with a top coat, they’d last longer. Finally, we have a collectible surprise bag. Check out the video to see the cool My Little Pony surprise.

What is a Zelf?

Zelfs are what I imagine Troll Dolls would look like if they were from another planet. Each Zelf comes with a very cute back story which you’ll see on the back of the box. There are even cartoons you can watch on the Zelf website. In the video, I show you two different Zelfs (or is it Zelves). I think these toys are going to be a love it or hate type of toy. I’ve seen them on clearance at Toys ‘R Us, so I think that answers my question as to what most people are feeling.

Chocolate Toy-filled Yowies and Disney Key Chain Blind Bag

For those of you that love chocolate surprise eggs but are upset by the strict US regulations on them, this may be the answer you’ve been looking for. Currently, most toy-filled chocolates, including Kinder, qualify as a choking hazard. However, Cadbury came up with a solution when they designed Yowie chocolates. They feature a larger design and therefore aren’t considered a choking hazard. The release of them is still fairly limited, though I heard of select Walmarts starting to carry them. In the video I am opening two Yowies and a Disney key chain blind bag.